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Are you traveling, going to relatives or on a business trip to another city throughout Canada, but do not know where the organization or company you need is? We have a perfect solution for you. In our directory of Canadian organizations, we represent the largest and continuously updated list of organizations operating in all spheres and industries: law offices, government departments, hotels, restaurants, banks and financial institutions, medical centers and hospitals, auto service centers, shopping malls and many others. Here you will find the most comprehensive list of businesses that provide services you need. The directory will help you find companies that are located in different cities across Canada. You no longer have to spend your precious time in order to search for necessary information by means of studying paper-based sources of information or using search engines and worry about data reliability.

Our directory of Canadian organizations, saving your time, does it all for you and provides exhaustive information about the companies you are interested in a convenient form. In our directory, there is a full description of the companies and the services they provide, as well as their addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers. In the list, you will also find QR-codes with all the information about organizations and photos. Online directory has a user-friendly map, where you can find a location of the organizations in Canada quickly and easily. For your convenience, all the companies in the directory are categorized so that you could find information on any Canadian organization without effort.

During the time of the directory’s existence, we have created a large database of the organizations. The vast majority of organizations in Canada have been added to our list already. All companies present in our list have been checked for the correctness of the location and the phone number. Since our managers carefully check the accuracy of the information in the directory, it can be used as an accurate phone book. We constantly take all necessary measures to offer you reliable information about the Canadian organizations. Our directory was created in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of finding the information necessary for our users. And we sincerely hope that the information provided here will be really useful for you.


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